The Department of Medicine, a department in the Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University, is committed to producing medical graduates and specialists who have inquisitive minds and integrity, as well as research and academic accomplishments that are recognized nationwide and worldwide, a good reputation for service excellence, and ongoing self-development.


  1. To produce doctors, medical specialists, medical scientists who are recognized for their competency, omniscience, and medical ethics.
  2. To promote valuable research works and innovative knowledge that are recognized nationwide and worldwide.
  3. To offer medical services with efficiency and fairness for ultimate satisfaction of our clients.
  4. To offer academic services for publication and exchange of knowledge At the national and international levels.
  5. To create and develop networks for teaching/learning, research, academic services, and medical services at the national and international levels
  6. To foster art and culture in order to preserve the Thai heritage and wisdom.
  7. To explore resources and implement good governance in support of the Department’s affairs.
  8. To conduct self-examination and self-development continuously and systematically.
  9. To create a good quality of life and environment for personnel in the Department.